New Years Resolutions for 2011

I have trouble keeping my resolutions, but this time I’m determined to finally do better. Success is not an accident, it begins with a well-conceived plan. You can and will achieve more in the next year than you have in the past ten with a disciplined plan of action. By investing your efforts into a New Years Resolution, you give yourself a launch pad for starting your new year and your new life.
My Top Ten Resolutions List

  • 1. Ignore my hair and let it grow.
  • 2. Read more books.
  • 3. Fit in fitness.
  • 4. Be more confident around strangers.
  • 5. Make better decisions.
  • 6. Organize myself, my time.
  • 7. Learn something new.
  • 8. Save more money.
  • 9. Spend more time with parents.
  • 10. Avoid the negativity.

So, that’s my Top Ten New Years Resolutions for 2011. Now tell me, what are your New Year Resolutions? Write them down and see how successful you are at keeping them next year. I hope that you have success in achieving your Resolutions for 2011.

6 responses

  1. I’m still polishing my New Year’s resolutions.

    I actually begin by imagining an ideal life in the next year. What it’ll look and feel like if I can get anything and everything I want, then break this vision down into short descriptions, which act as my resolutions.

    I then try and figure out all the ways I can achieve my resolutions, and how the activities will fit into my schedule.

    Even if I don’t manage to achieve everything I want, at least I would have made progress towards my ideals.

    Good luck with your resolutions!😀

    • That’s actually great tips!!
      That would work with everyone’s resolutions, I bet .. Thank you so much!!
      And good luck to you too! Happy new year from my humble blog to you and your whole family (^.^)
      Thank you.

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