Help Japan

Although it’s been more than a month since the massive earthquake and tsunami in Japan, the disaster continues to unfold and people are still very much in need of assistance. In the last few weeks, many organizations have begun to organize fundraising and volunteer efforts, but it can be hard to sort out which one might best suit your purposes.

Opportunities to Volunteer:

For those of you looking for ways to donate your time, there are an increasing number of ways to get involved:

  • Shelterbox International: A UK-based organization that has been in Japan for several weeks and delivered boxes of aid to the victims. Its volunteers are on standby to deploy for relief mission.
  • Food for Life Global: A US-based organization calling for volunteers to help them with food handling, transportation, medical supplies. Just fill in the form to be considered.
  • Save the Children: They have a team of volunteers to help children by setting up “Child Friendly Spaces” where anxiety-ridden children can spend time with other children and play while being supervised by responsible adults. The play areas also enable parents to dedicate time to finding accommodation, food sources, locating other friends and family and work.
  • Second Harvest Japan: Japan’s largest food bank is helping to provide food and general disaster relief. Find out more about volunteering here.
  • Peace Boat: Peace Boat is now coordinating teams of volunteers to travel to Ishinomaki City as soon as possible to assist in rebuilding the lives of those affected, and particularly to prepare hot meals.
  • All Hands: A US-based volunteer non-profit already set up on Fukushima.
  • Christian Relief, Assistance, Support and Hope (CRASH): A network supporting Christians to do relief work in Japan and around the world. Also on Facebook.
  • Earthday Money: Information on how to host evacuees in your home.
  • Nikkei Youth Network: A group of young volunteers based in Tokyo.
  • Japan Volunteers: A resource site for people interesting in volunteering.
  • Foreign Volunteer Japan: Another resource site for people interested in volunteering.

As the international media coverage dies down, it’s important to remember that many people are still undergoing great hardship in Japan. The lives of those affected are often the hardest when the world has begun to forget, and sadly, those are the times when donations drop drastically. If you can, please consider helping out again. Thank you.

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