The 2011 Independent Critics List of the 100 Most Beautiful Faces

TC Candler presents The 22nd Annual Independent Critics List of the 100 Most Beautiful Faces – 2011, which has been published every year since 1990 — and in recent years has been seen by over 25 million unique visitors from around the world.

Find out who is included and who tops this year’s list by watching the video below…

100. Mila Kunis – A surprisingly delayed debut on the list for Mila, whose acting chops have really blossomed on the big screen.  Of all the girls in the Top 100, Mila may be the one we would choose to hang out with the guys, watching the game and downing an ice cold brew.  She is relaxed and funny and confident — and blessed with one of the most uniquely beautiful faces in the world.

99. Kerry Washington – Her 6th year in a row in the Top 100 — Kerry is a stunner with gorgeous eyes and a smile that renders electricity as useless.  She is a gifted actress and will soon be seen in Tarantino’s upcoming flick “Django Unchained”.

98. Tamara Ecclestone – Easily the richest person on the list (including the royalty at #27), Tamara figures to inherit the Formula 1 fortune some day.  However, her most attractive asset might not be the cash… it may just be those eyebrows!  She is a lovely girl who has been starring in her own reality TV show, “Billion Dollar Girl” — and she enters the Top 100 for the first time in 2011.

97. Rachel Bilson – Has it really been 7 years?  That is how long Rachel Bilson has been on this list.  From the “OC”, all those years ago, to the present, she has never waned.  There can’t be too many girls ahead of her on most guys’ “perfect girlfriend” list.

96. Scarlett Johansson – She reaches a full decade in the Top 100.  Scarlett has never been higher than #34 on the list.  However, when it comes to the FHM or AskMen or Maxim lists, she should probably have a permanent place in the Top 5.  Johansson drips of sex so much that film producers have to blow half the budget on mops.

97. Juno Temple – A new entry at number 95, Juno Temple is a star about to go supernova.  She is a terrific actress and is one big role away from becoming the hottest property in movies.  We think she is classically beautiful with a quirky twist that makes her unique.  She reminds us of the legendary Hedy Lamarr.

94. Anne Hathaway – Nine years and counting for glorious Anne.  She is quite possible one of the most intelligent and eloquent young women in the world.  Combine that with her much appreciated lack of modesty when it comes to getting her clothes off, and we believe that she may be the perfect woman.  She is a former Top 10 girl and has surely booked a place in the Beauty Hall of Fame.

93. Julianna Guill – One of many new entries in 2011, Julianna is a really fantastic young actress with a million dollar smile and eyes that sparkle uncontrollably.  She is currently making her way to the top of the official Hollywood “hot stuff” rankings and will be a household name in about one year and three months time.

92. Ebihara Yuri – She has been quoted as saying, “If someone doesn’t find me cute, I want to know why, because then I’ll work on it to get better at being cute”.  We think that is a terrific attitude and commend her on magnificent success in that area.  This Japanese model/actress is a wonderful new addition to our Top 100.

91. Jennifer Connelly – The only woman to be on this list every year since it began way back in 1990.  That’s 22 years in a row — and to be fair, if the list had gone back to the mid-1980′s, she would have been on the list at least 4 or 5 more times.  Sadly, this previous two-time #1 looks like she may be in her last year in the Top 100.  91 is her lowest ranking ever.  We will be sad to see her go.  Absolute legend!

90. Adele – Who’s had a bigger year than Adele?  She is probably the most popular musical act of the decade.  Her voice may be what she is famous for, but we think she has one of the loveliest faces too.  Get used to seeing her on the list over the next few years.

89. Demi Lovato – The 3rd straight year for Demi (still officially the best National Anthem singer of all time).

88. Natasha Nice – The porn star with the girl-next-door look makes her debut in the Top 100.  She also happens to be smart, funny and one of the most engaging personalities of 2011.  Check out her blog and twitter feed for more!

87. Lindsay Lohan – The 2004 version of Lohan may be one of the most idyllic visions the world has ever seen.  We all wish she would go back to those heights.  That being said, even at a low ebb in her career and following some troubling other issues, she still mandates a 9th consecutuve year in the Top 100.  She has that Marilyn Monroe quality of looking fantastic without even trying.

86. Sophie Ellis Bextor – She’s always been a gorgeous woman, but she makes her debut this year after making one of the best tracks of the past few years with her collaboration with Armin Van Buren – “Not Giving Up on Love”.  Sophie is the ultimate queen of female-vocal dance/trance music and she looks as stunning in that video as anyone ever could.  Perfection!

85. Andrea Corr – Twice the winner of the Most Beautiful Face, in 1999 and 2002, Andrea released a wonderful CD this year with one of best covers in recent memory (“Tinseltown in the Rain”).  It is 13 years and counting for the Irish beauty.

84. Jessica Pare – Her rise to fame is due in no small part to her terrific role on the best television show of all time, “Mad Men”.  We hope that Don Draper doesn’t get as tired of her as his usual conquests.  She needs to be on the screen all day, every day, as far as we’re concerned.

83. Katrina Kaif – This Bollywood superstar has been named on all sorts of “sexiest woman alive” lists, but breaches our list for the first time.  She is a terrific talent and will be rising fast.

82. Jessica Chastain – There is something supremely elegant about this superb actress.  She has a presence that reminds us of Greta Garbo.  Every director seems to want her in their next film and we are sure to be seeing her grab some little golden statues over the next decade or so.

81. Mia Krishner – Only Jennifer Connelly has been on this list longer than Mia.  That is an extraordinary fact when you consider that she hasn’t ever quite reached the heights of superstardom.  Still, 15 years and going strong, Mia is one of our most treasured beauties and we always go out of our way to watch every project that she is a part of.

80. Rebecca Black – Google Zeitgeist shows that Rebecca was the most searched for person on the internet in 2011 — due primarily to a really cheesy video for the song, “Friday”.  Nevertheless, we found her courage and grace and class truly admirable when it came to all the negativity thrown her way.  She is an eloquent and lovely young girl with a golden smile.  And, surprisingly to many, her second and third singles were both well received and quite catchy.  We wouldn’t be surprised if Rebecca rises above the hater-mentality and succeeds in the “celebrity factory”.

79. Silvia Battisti – The former Miss Italia makes her 3rd appearance on the list.  We wish she had the opportunity to make it as a global star, because she is a fascinating and intriguing personality.  She is as resplendent as a woman can possibly be, but we may be seeing the last of her on this 2011 list.

78. Alexandra Felstead – Debuting at #78, and more commonly known as “Binky”, this “Made in Chelsea” star routinely steals the show with her quirky sense of humor, eye-patch fashion and stunning looks.  She is classic girlfriend material and we hope 2012 is her break out year.

77. Kaya Scodelario – A magnificent young English actress makes her debut in 2011.  She is well known for her role as Effy Stonem in the E4 drama Skins.

76. Angela Bassett – Making her debut at 53 years of age is quite an amazing feat.  She is getting more beautiful with age and definitely deserves her place.

75. Annette Haga – Annette is a fashion blogger from Norway, and as such, may not be as familiar to you as other faces on this list.  However, she is a self-made huge success and a big star in her home country.  She also ranks as the best dressed woman of 2011.  Even if you can’t read Norwegian, her blog really shows her amazing personal style and remarkable beauty.  She is a global superstar in waiting and we look forward to seeing her on this list for many years to come.  (See Her Blog Here)

74. Lena Katina – The former t.A.T.u. star has gone solo with a terrific new batch of music.  Her debut single, “Never Forget You” is one of the best singles of the year.  Lena has been on this list for 11 years… the first 10 were along side her old bandmate, Yulia Volkova.  However, this year, she stays while Yulia sadly misses out.

73. Gina Carano – We predict that Gina will become the next big action movie star after her blockbuster film “Haywire” is released.  No one has ever replaced the 1980′s stars such as Stallone, Arnold, Seagal and Van Damme… until now.  This beautiful bad-ass debuts on our list.

72. Diora Baird – She wins her standard “Most Ridiculously Perfect Body of the Year” award for the 378th consecutive time.  However, she makes the list with that Catherine Deneuve face and her penchant for making us swoon with a 3 mile smile.  Diora has been ranked 7 years in a row.

71. Nozomi Sasaki – This is her 2nd year on the list.  After working as a fashion model for nearly 7 years, she has become famous as a gravure idol and main ringside commentator for the mixed martial arts competition, Dream Fighting Championships, and the kickboxing competition, K-1 World Max.

70. Maria Velverde – The Madrid-born stunner was 16 when she got a leading role with Luis Tosar in a Manuel Martín Cuenca movie, “La flaqueza del bolchevique”. She won the 2003 Goya Award for this role.  However, we first noticed her in 2011 because of her role in “Cracks” alongside Juno Temple and Eva Green.  She makes her first appearance in the Top 100.

69. Sophia Bush – She’s been ranked as high as #4 in 2009.  Sophia is a classically beautiful woman in ways that reminds us of many silver screen sirens from bygone eras.  This is her 5th consecutive ranking.

68. Meagan Good – She backs up last year’s debut with another strong showing.  Meagan is an underrated talent with the most kissable lips imaginable.  We think she has locked up a spot in the Top 100 for the next decade or so… but we would like to see her in some better film projects.

67. Emma Willis – If this were a best personality list, Emma would make the top 5 every year.  She is one of the very best television hosts in the world — combining humor, sex appeal and endless energy and enthusiasm.  She debuts at #67 and will be rising from there.

66. Giovanna Mezzogiorno – In her 8th year on our list, she still ranks as the very best actress in the world.  Her subtlety, passion and intensity are unmatched by any other performer on the big screen.  She was ranked as high as #2 in 2005.

65. Inna – The Romanian dance music queen has become a huge success due to some amazingly catchy tunes and some of the sexiest music videos around.  This is her first appearance.

64. Mellisa Clarke – A lads mag and internet favorite, this young British model sports the sexiest tattoo ever known to mankind — along with one of the most pristinely innocent faces we’ve ever come across.  This is likely the first of many years on the list.

63. Alice Eve – She is definitely out of your league!  In her 4th year, she lands at #63.  Make sure to check out her performance in “Crossing Over” and one of my favorite underrated movies in recent years, “Big Nothing”.

62. Jennifer Lawrence – She shot to fame with her acclaimed role in “Winter’s Bone”, but is scaling the heights of mega-stardom with her roles in blockbusters such as “X-Men: First Class” and “Hunger Games”.  She is a new entry this year.

61. Lana Del Rey – Probably the biggest talent emergence of 2011 was that of Lana Del Rey.  Her sultry voice and unique visual style has catapulted her to the top of the youtube musical charts and will soon have her ranked along side artists like Adele on the Billboard Hot 100.  She is an astonishingly breathtaking woman.  For proof, check out her latest video — “Born to Die”.

60. Michelle Ryan – She was the Bionic Woman, but she should have been Wonder Woman.  Michelle first caught our eyes with her performance in the superb British film, “Cashback” (2006).  Since then, she has been a staple on this list and will continue to be so for eons to come.

59. Alice Levine – One of the funniest and most charming women on TV, Alice graces our list for the first time after her stint on Big Brother’s Bit on the Side.  She is quirky and original and utterly easy on the eyes.  We think she should have her own show, every night in primetime!

58. Rachel Hurd Wood – The young Brit makes her 4th straight appearance and has reached as high as 16th in the past.  We are looking forward to seeing her in “Hideaways”, from director, Agnes Merlet.

57. Maggie Q – The star of “Nikita” is one of the hottest stars in the business right now.  She is refined and elegant and knows how to kick more ass than anyone on this list.  We love that she is making her first foray into the Top 100.

56. Rachel McAdams – We get more requests for Rachel each year than almost any other actress.  She has been in the Top 100 for 6 years now and continues to be one of the most likable celebs in Hollywood.

55. Genta Ismajli – The Chicago-based Albanian bombshell is one of the sexiest women on the planet right now.  Her songs are feisty and undeniably catchy, even if you can’t understand a word of Albanian.  Make sure to check out her latest smash hit“Guximi” with DJ Dalool.

54. Rose Byrne – A former #1, Rose is an absolute hall of fame beauty in our eyes.  If we had our way, she should have a trophy case full of golden statues and should be the star of every other movie.  There is nothing better than a bad case of Rose Byrne!  Her 8th straight year ranked.

53. Emma Waldron – Entering the list is the Miss World Europe 2010-2011 and Miss Ireland 2010-2011 — Emma is a potential superstar.  She is a model and a presenter and just needs a small break before the world takes notice.  Get used to seeing that face!

52. Emily Didonato – Probably the most beautiful supermodel in the world today.  Emily makes her second appearance this year.  The vision of her in the Acqua di Gio commercial from 2010 will forever be etched in our minds.

51. Amy Green – The British glamour model follows in the footsteps of names such as Lucy Pinder and Madison Welch.  She makes this list for the first time in 2011, debuting at number 51.

50. Kate Winslet – She has been in the top 50 since making her debut 15 years ago.  The megastar actress is the most talented person in movies and her beauty never seems to fade.  She is as lovely today as she was when “Titanic” came out 14 years ago.  You will get to see her again in 2012, when James Cameron re-releases the legendary classic in 3-D on the anniversary of the actual sinking.

49. Imogen Poots – First seen in the zombie classic, “28 Weeks Later”, she has since blossomed into a fine actress with one of the great smiles in the world today.  This is her first year in the Top 100.

48. Rachel Weisz – Her 16th year — 9 of them spent in the Top 10.  Rachel Weisz is one of the great actresses of this generation.  We wish her and Daniel Craig a wonderful life together after their recent marriage.  Mrs 007 is one of our all time faves!

47. Viva Bianca – We first noticed Viva in the smash TV epic, “Spartacus”.  She is a scene stealing machine.  We look forward to her role in “X” and think that she will be a fixture here for many years to come.

46. Minka Kelly – A virtually flawless girl.  We spent 3 days trying to find a flaw and came up with nothing… except that we heard a rumor of a miniature blemish inside her right nostril.  We are awaiting confirmation of that flaw via a close inspection.  This is her debut.

45. Jessica Jung – She is better known simply by her first name, Jessica. She is Korean-American singer, dancer, actress and model. The new addition to our list is a member of the fantastic South Korean nine-member girl group, Girls’ Generation, where she is one of the main vocalists.

44. Alexandra Daddario – Hands down the winner of the “Best Eyes of 2011″ competition, Alexandra is a welcome new entry in the Top 100.  I have a very confident feeling that we are looking at a future #1 in her… sometime around 2015!

43. Sanaa Lathan – The native New Yorker is one of the finest and most underrated actresses around today.  At 40 years of age, she continues to get more beautiful and we are lucky to have her on the list for the very first time.

42. Christina Hendricks – “Mad Men” thrust Christina to mega-fame.  It is the greatest show on television and she is one of the reasons why.  The sight of her as a 1960′s secretary may be the most profoundly female vision we have ever seen.  She is an iconic female figure and it doesn’t hurt that she is blessed with one of our most cherished qualities… flame red hair.  This is her 3rd listing.

41. Kate Upton – The privilege of watching Kate Upton strut down a runway wearing only Victoria’s Secret Bra and Panties is one of the great pleasures in life.  We feel guilty and ashamed because we are simply not worthy of such magnificence.  Welcome to the list Kate!

40. Alison Brie – If you are a fan of either “Mad Men” or “Community”, you too have fallen head over heels in love with Alison Brie.  She is a unanimous choice for “Best Personality” this year and we rate her as the “Perfect Girlfriend of 2011″.  Her 3rd year sees a ranking of #40.

39. Keira Knightley – A two-time number one, Keira is already enshrined as one of the all time great beauties of the world.  She also happens to be one of the best actresses too.  We cannot wait to see her in the upcoming “A Dangerous Method”… and not just because of the spanking scenes.

38. Olivia Wilde – It is quite amazing that Olivia is only making her debut on the list this year.  She is a stunner in every conceivable way.  We also admire her confidence and intelligence — finding her to be one of the most intriguing women in Hollywood.

37. Blake Lively – Her stunning role in “The Town” proved how talented she really is.  We still love seeing her in “Gossip Girl”, but believe that she is destined for much more on the big screen.  She is daring and brave and we hope she lives up to her promise.  This is Blake’s 4th appearance.

36. Leighton Meester – The multi-talented actress and singer has what it takes to be the next Meg Ryan or Julia Roberts.  There is an “every girl” quality about her that makes her very likable to both men and women in the audience.  The former #4 is listed for the 4th consecutive year.

35. Sienna Miller – In her eighth year, this former #2 still manages to generate butterflies every time she floats down a red carpet.  Very few women have ever reached such monumental status as a fashion icon, but Sienna continues to lead the way.  Love her to bits!

34. Whitney Able – If you haven’t seen Whitney in the incredibly wonderful 2010 flick, “Monsters”… then do yourself a favor and rent it immediately on DVD.  It is one of the best films of the past few years, due in no small part to Whitney Able and her real life husband, Scoot McNairy.  She debuts at #34.

33. January Jones – The classic Hitchcock blonde, January Jones is yet another “Mad Men” alum who graces the list in 2011.  This is her third year in the poll and we are sure that Betty Draper will be a permanent fixture over the next decade or so.

32. Addison Timlin – Yet another debut — Addison has the potential to top this list some day.  Her amazing appearances in the hit Showtime TV show, “Californication” is one of the great TV moments of the past few millennia.  She is a bright new star on the scene.

31. Freida Pinto – After her first two years in the Top 10, Miss Pinto slips to 31.  Nevertheless, we think she is immensely lovely.  We hope the good roles keep coming for her.

30. Susan Coffey – Susan has been a minor internet legend for a couple of years now.  She makes our list for the first, and definitely not the last, time.  Quite possibly the most photogenic woman alive!

29. Qi Shu – A tremendous actress… we only recently came across her in the fantastic compilation of short films, “New York, I Love You”.  She enters the Top 100 at a very lofty 29.

28. Monica Bellucci – Does it get any better than Monica?  Her 13th year, with a high of #2 in 2004, she ranks as one of the greatest beauties of any generation.

27. Kate Middleton – Ultimately, it was Kate’s year.  The wedding of the millennium made her the most famous face in the world… and helps her debut in the Top 100.

26. Amanda Seyfried – Hollywood’s hottest property for the past few years, Amanda makes her 7th appearance.  We predict at least another 10 years at the very top of ours and Hollywood’s A-list.

25. Emma Stone – We all fell in love with Emma in “Easy A”… You can find out exactly why by watching this video!  This is her first year ranked.

24. Ariana Grande – A debut for the multi-talented Disney performer.  She has one of the most energetic and entertaining personalities of 2011… and she is just about the best singing impressionist of all time.  We love Ariana and her mash-ups.

23. Nicola Roberts – The most beautiful Girls Aloud member released her solo album, Cinderella’s Eyes, in 2011 — and it is one of the ten best CD’s of the year.  With tons of talent and originality, this unique fashionista is one of the best dressed women in the world and is one of our most prized inclusions.  This is her 3rd year on the list.

22. Kate Beckinsale – This makes 13 consecutive years on the list, all of them spent in the Top 25, reaching the summit in 2007.  K-Becks is just about the most consistently beautiful woman in the celebrity world.  She rarely makes a bad movie and she never disappoints her adoring fans.

21. Carey Mulligan – It seems that Carey has shot to fame faster than anyone in recent memory.  Indeed, she may already be atop the Hollywood A-list, taking the first phone call for virtually every director.  She took our call this year for the first time.  We can’t wait to see her in the much anticipated Steve McQueen film, “Shame”.

20. Kelly Rowland – The diva with a dynamite voice and a trillion dollar smile.  She has been outshining Beyonce for quite some time now and shows no signs of letting up.  Her role on the British X-Factor has put her on our TV screens every week.  She is genuine and smart, charming and talented.  What more could you ask for?  She rises 59 spots from her debut last year.

19. Natalie Portman – We had her number 1 in 2008, the peak of her 14 years on the list.  However… 2011 was Portman’s year in virtually every conceivable way.  She deservedly won the first of many Oscars for her magnificent role in “Black Swan”.  She fell in love, married and had her first child.  And!!!!  She finally got her restraining order passed against us.  That’s a good year!

18. Lily Collins – A new entry at #18 bodes well for Lily Collins, who might challenge Camilla Belle for the title of “Best Eyebrows 2011″.  The young actress could top this list someday very soon.  We can’t wait to see her in “Mirror Mirror: The Untold Adventures of Snow White”.

17. Natalie Tran – There isn’t a more entertaining channel on YouTube than communitychannel — Natalie’s stream of hilariously observant videos that point out the “Seinfeldian” absurdities of life.  I could watch this girl watching paint dry and still be riveted to my laptop screen (although in some countries, that is considered to be “Obsessive Stalker Behavior”).  She jumps 71 spots from last years debut, and if she promises not to involve the authorities with my “OSB” , she will probably climb even higher in 2012.

16. Emilia Clarke – I am not sure that TV in 2011 had a more spine-chilling moment than the conclusion of “Game of Thrones”.  When Emilia Clarke emerges from the ashes in all her powerful glory, I almost exploded in an overdose of awesomeness.  She was the star of that great show and I literally cannot wait to see her again in season 2.  She enters the Top 100 at #16.

15. Emma Roberts – We saw Emma this year in a terrific British film called “” and she stole the show.  It signaled the emergence of a young actress who can do it all.  She can slip effortlessly into the Meg Ryan, Julia Roberts, Kate Hudson rom-com queen roles… And she can star in the powerfully dramatic roles that could extend her career for decades to come.  This is her 2nd mention in the Top 100.

14. Shannon Kane – The 25 year old actress, who is portrays Natalia Hubbard on ABC’s daytime drama “All My Children”, is one of the brightest new talents around.  We first took notice of her in “Brooklyn’s Finest”, opposite Richard Gere.  She enters at #14.  Make sure to seek out anything she is in!  You won’t be disappointed.

13. Haley McQueen – Her twitter account says “Tackling Football in Heels”.  I mean, what more can you ask for??? Hayley is a 5′ 10′ bombshell with brains, personality, incredible style, the best voice in television — AND SHE LOVES SPORTS!!!  I suppose we can forgive her for supporting Manchester Untied.  Nobody’s perfect.  She wins “Best Smile of 2011″ and “Best Voice” too.  I could watch her reading the dictionary and be enthralled.  We should all write to Sky Sports and demand that she gets her own TV show — “Tackling Football in Heels with Hayley McQueen”.  She jumps 19 places from her debut in 2010.

12. Go Ara – Here is a lovely South Korean actress and model who deserves a worldwide following.  The 21-year old enters the list at #12 and will assuredly be a fixture for a very long time.

11. Felicity Jones – If you haven’t seen her in a wonderful film called “Like Crazy”, do yourself a favor and rent it NOW!  She was also in an amusing rom-com called “Chalet Girl” in 2011 and we think she is on the verge of major stardom.  Felicity is our third highest new entry, just missing out on the Top 10.

10. Carice Van Houten – After her world class performance in the great “Black Book”, we have since gone back to review her entire big screen catalog.  It turns out that Carice is one of the 5 best actresses in the world today.  She is literally terrific in everything she does.  Her taste is impeccable.  Her performances subtle and moving.  We can’t find a flaw.  She also happens to have one of the best twitter feeds of all time and a wonderful official website where you can find all of her titles to add to the top of your DVD queue!  In her 5th year on our list, Carice cracks the Top 10 Most Beautiful Faces!

9. Amber Heard – Amber is probably sick of being hailed as the most classically beautiful woman in Hollywood today.  She has probably enough of people comparing her to Kim Novak and Grace Kelly.  She is likely on the verge of slapping the next person to say that she is old-school Hollywood glam.  So, we’ll just say… Welcome to our list Amber.  Get comfy because you are going to be here a very long time.

8. Tamsin Egerton – Six years for Tamsin — three of them in the Top 10.  She is an absolute vision on the red carpet and on the big screen — a breathtaking blend of Rita Hayworth and Claudia Schiffer.  Simply “weak at the knees” beautiful.

7. Marion Cotillard – Another one of the world’s elite actresses, Marion re-enters the Top 10 in her 10th appearance on the list.  Her role in “La Vie En Rose” ranks as one of the ten finest we have ever seen.   She will next be seen by hundreds of millions of you in “The Dark Knight Rises”.

6. Chloe Moretz – Our highest new entry is the most talented under-18 actress we have seen since Natalie Portman in the mid-1990′s.  She is constantly challenging herself with terrific roles and mind-blowingly good performances.  We also think that she is one of the best dressed red carpet stars in recent memory.  She is stylish, age-appropriate, original, elegant and classy… a perfect combination.  Chloe is going to be at or near the top of this list for the next decade or two.

5. Song Hye Kyo – The South Korean actress and model makes her second appearance, rising 13 spots from last year’s debut.  She is already one of the legendary beauties of the world and we think she deserves to be celebrated as such by the entire world.  Too often, it seems that Western audiences don’t get to enjoy Asian cinema and celebrity as much as they should.  Look for her in the upcoming 2012 film, “The Grandmasters” with Tony Leung and Zhang Ziyi.

4. Emily Browning – After watching Emily star in two absolutely different movies in 2011 (“Sucker Punch” and “Sleeping Beauty”), we realized that a new megastar was born.  She has acting range that is simply beyond belief.  She also happens to be one of the most photogenic new faces on the planet.  Please check her out in “Sleeping Beauty” — it is a film that will likely slip under a lot of people’s radars.  However, she deserves Oscar consideration for her restrained performance which reminded us a great deal of Catherine Deneuve in the classic “Belle de Jour”.  Emily comes in at #4 in her second year on the list.

3. Rihanna – Ri-Ri (as she likes to be called in our fantasies) is arguably the most famous woman in the world today.  Her songs are undeniably catchy and the accompanying videos have sent us to the emergency room on more than 57 occasions.  In her 3rd year, Ri-Ri reaches her highest ranking to date.

2. Camilla Belle – Last year’s runaway winner was Camilla Belle.  She has been on our radar since her breakout 2005 year, making our Top 100 six straight times.  This is the 4th straight in the Top 6.  To be honest, we can’t see her leaving the upper echelons of the Hollywood beauty hierarchy for another decade or so. Click for Hi-Res Photo Gallery!

1. Emma Watson – In her 6th year, and after being pipped to the post by Belle in 2010, Emma Watson flips the script and rises to #1 in the same year that her Hermione era ends.  However, we are sure that there are great things in store for Emma as an actress.  There is no doubt that she will emerge as one of the finest talents of this current generation.  She is the perfect role model for young women… intelligent, classy, courageous, thoughtful and humble.  We can’t think of a better choice in 2011 to top our list.  We are proud to say that Emma Watson is the Most Beautiful Face of the Year and we are reasonably sure that this will not be the last time we say that.  Congrats Emma! Click for Hi-Res Photo Gallery!

Source: TC Candler

30 responses

  1. I think Scarlett Johansson has been claimed to be every guy’s dream or something. I think they’re all attractive in their own way except for Mila Kunis. I can’t stand her acting or personality.

  2. I love this list. You didn’t go with the accepted “hot” or “cheaply sexy” females, but the truly, class-ily beautiful ones. One note though, Christina Hendricks wasn’t “blessed” with red hair – she dyes it. Since 10 years old. She is insanely nice, love her. I’m not on here, but hey, I won’t cry.

  3. Where the hell is Dianna Agron?!!! She is more beautiful than any of the other girls on this list. And the ranking is bad too, like Mila and Scarlett at the bottom? Dafuq, Emma Watson is not prettier than Mila or Scarlett!!!! FAIL

  4. I would like to know what drugs they were on when they added Anne Hathaway to this list. Sorry, but no. Emily Browning should be number one. Her face is a work of art.

  5. Where is aishwarya , priyanka ,madhuri , deepika , kareena ……… Katrina kaif is most attractv n beautiful thn others in ths list ……… N these divas r far better thn most ugly bitch talelentless freida pinto

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