Tomb Raider – Fall 2012

In October 1996, Playstation introduced Lara Croft to me and I immediately fell in love with all adventurous games. Lara & I have been best friends since then.

I played all Tomb Raider video games, and loved each and every past part. And now I cannot wait till the new Tomb Raider release date!!! Here’s the new trailer:

Love you Lara.

9 responses

  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE … though I haven’t finished the last one yet!
    OMG I used to play it, get stuck, obsess, play some more ;p AWESOME.
    I don’t like how they keep changing her and she’s becoming … emmm .. unproportional.


      I went to safat Alghanim and they didn’t have any idea about it, I thought I can book a copy of something. Said they wezara might yemno3onha O_O’ whatever! Anyway waiting for it to be released so excited ;D

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