Escape is Not The Solution

Dear you,

I know that one of the things you love to do is meeting new people. The ones who’ll excite you, disappoint you, scare you a little bit. And when that happens, you choose to run away and search for new people. Thing is, you don’t realize that new people are only new for a day. After that, they’re just people.

Avoiding things can be good. But the problem is that you end up avoiding yourself. avoiding people who love you & you love. You end up avoiding life.

So try to learn to let people in. Get to know them and let them get to know you. Then when you start building a friendship, learn to be honest & understanding, talk to them, and express your feelings. and try to stop the negative thoughts in your mind. Otherwise you’ll end up ‘Friendless’ by pushing everyone away for no obvious reason.

Wish you the best.