Kitten For Sale

Chaos is a super friendly female Himalayan kitten. She was born in December 2011. This is a sweet little playful girl that loves attention.

Additional Info

  • Breed: Himalayan
  • Gender: Female
  • Sterile?: No (too young to be sterilized)
  • Price: 150 KD (along with her things: Carrier, Litterbox, Bed, Toys…etc)
  • Contact: Abdullah +965 99111251


I Like Flowers, I Just Don’t Like Receiving Them

I don’t understand why it is common for people (esp. couples) to get each other flowers. Whether it’s for an apology or to welcome your significant other or friend home at the airport, it seems wasteful.

I feel rather than someone wasting their money on something that will only last a few days, they should spend their money wisely on something that can be enjoyed for longer. Even chocolates are better, you can enjoy eating them rather than watching some flowers die on your table. It doesn’t seem romantic.

In my opinion, flowers should be given together with some other gift as an addition, instead of giving just flowers as a gift.

I’m certainly not indifferent to flowers. I don’t grow them, or buy them, but I do stop and look at them whenever I encounter them.

Do you feel the same way? What gift do you like to receive from your significant other?

Oh! And Happy Valentine’s Day ^.^