There She is

There she is!! (Korean: 떳다 그녀!!) is a Flash cartoon series produced by a three-person team and hosted on the Korean website SamBakZa. The cartoons became particularly popular during the Spring of 2004 when it was exposed to American and European audiences, particularly for its classic manhwa style elements and its high quality of animation, in which the characters move lively and fluidly. The first There she is!! generated a large amount of positive feedback from its online audience, including fan art, which drove SamBakZa to produce more cartoons in the series.

Moral of the story:

Love is possible between two different people! (^.^)

Happy New Year 2011


I was waiting for so long
For a miracle to come
Everyone told me to be strong
Hold on and don’t shed a tear

Hush, now
I see a light in the sky
Oh, it’s almost blinding me
I can’t believe
I’ve been touched by an angel with love

Let the rain come down and wash away my tears
Let it fill my soul and drown my fears
Let it shatter the walls for a new sun
A new day has come, A new day has come



Top Five Things on My Christmas Wish List!

Are you listening Santa??

Ok, here it is.  Can I have a drum roll please?  I know I have been a good girl all year and have not done anything silly or bad. So here’s my humble Christmas Wish List:

1. Canon 500D: I have wanted for some time a pro cam that provides excellent image capture with HD video capture. Canon 500D is the first one that I find myself wanting. (^.^)

2. White iPhone 4: Even tho I’m pretty sure it’s delayed forever! I still want it. 八(^□^*)

3. Apple MacBook Pro: Because it tops the market in graphic processing, and because I want to use its browser to edit movies and photos (^o^)

4. Pet: Whether its a Golden Retriever dog or a Siberian cat, it doesn’t matter, a little (or big) pile of fur that I can hug, run and play with, and find beside me at all times. I know its a lot of work, but its worth it. (*≧▽≦)

5. A Plane Ticket To Japan: Because its my dream country. *Duh!* (*^▽^*)

– I’m loving this song!! ヘ(^_^ヘ)(ノ^_^)ノ *Dances*

。∠(* ̄  ̄)〃∇〃)η .。.:*・゚Merry X’mas:*・゚。:.*