Kimmidolls are inspirational gifts and collectible characters that express and celebrate life’s true values. Kimmidolls encourage people to connect through their hopes and desires as each Kimmidoll expresses its own unique sentiment such as “Friendship, love, joy, kindness, femininity, and peaceful” and many more.

When you buy or give a Kimmidoll, you express or share positive encouragement and thoughts.

Kimmidolls come in 3 sizes (a maxi, a mini, and a keychain)

So you can take your character and her inspiration wherever you go.  I personally have my Naoko character which represents “Honest Child”  hanging in my car ^.^

Kimmidolls stand out through their sophisticated and chic artistry. That artistry (combined with their message) makes them the perfect and complete gift for yourself or that special person in your life, such as your mother, daughter, granddaughter, sister, friend, or coworker.

And with nearly 50 characters in the Kimmidoll world, there is a Kimmidoll for everyone.

For more information visit their website: Kimmidoll