Celebrities Top 10 Party Hairstyles

Jennifer Love Hewitt’s Va-Va-Voom Ponytail

QUICKIE TIP Fake a side bang! Simply part your hair low, deep and on the side, allowing strands to slip down onto your forehead.

Ashley Greene’s Retro Waves

QUICKIE TIP Working a dab of mousse into wet hair (rather than piling it on when strands have already dried) will result in touchable, moulded waves, not stiff crunchy ones.

Jennifer Lopez’s Soft Top Knot

QUICKIE TIP Volumize strands with a dose of texturizing dry shampoo before sweeping up into a high bun. Too-silky hair will just fall down.

Emma Stone’s Shiny Curls

QUICKIE TIP Ever dry your hair and still feel it’s a bit dull? Keep going. The shiniest, bounciest hair is bone dry – an extra five minutes tacked on the end of your normal blowout routine will usually do the trick.

Beyonce’s Low Slung Braid

TAKE-HOME TIP Rough-up your braid with your fingertips once it’s in place. Otherwise, it can look too prim and perfect.

Cat Deeley’s Stick Straight Strands

QUICKIE TIP When using a flatiron, flick your wrists inwards a bit when you reach the ends. The slight and subtle bend actually makes hair appear straighter and less limp.

Lauren Conrad’s Asymmetrical Updo

QUICKIE TIP This is one of the easiest hairstyles of the bunch. Throw your hair into a haphazard chignon, allowing your front layers to fall as they may. Twist them around a curling iron, working upwards from the ends, and you’re good to go.

Ashley Tisdale’s Sexy Half Updo

QUICKIE TIP Teasing the hair along your crown keeps this simple style from being a snooze.

Jennifer Aniston’s Dynamic Layers

QUICKIE TIP A few turns of a curling iron give face-framing layers a boost. Just be sure to twist the tool outwards, which lets hair open up your face.

Evan Rachel Wood’s Waved Pixie

QUICKIE TIP Dress up short hairstyles with texture, not accessories. Try it slicked back, gently waved, or even moulded into retro curls.

Source: InStyle