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Single vs. Married Women

I couldn’t express it better myself, so for today’s lead, I fell back on the words of my fictional idol, Carrie Bradshaw. One of my favorite episodes of Sex and the City, A Woman’s Right to Shoes, Carrie, at the hostess’s request, takes off her Manolo Blahniks at a baby shower to avoid tracking germs into the house that would make the hostess’s children sick. Her shoes are then stolen. Carrie’s friend, the hostess, doesn’t want to pay the full amount of Carrie’s shoes ($485) because she doesn’t want to be held responsible for Carrie’s extravagant lifestyle. So in a much-called-for diatribe to her friend Charlotte, Carrie says:

“I did a little mental addition. And over the years, I have bought Kyra an engagement gift, a wedding gift, then there was the trip to Maine for the wedding, three baby gifts—in total, I have spent over twenty-three-hundred dollars celebrating her choices. And she is shaming me for spending a lousy 485 bucks on myself?! Yes, I did the math. And if I don’t ever get married or have a baby, I get what? I get bupkis?

Think about it … if you are single, after graduation, there isn’t one occasion where people celebrate you. We all have birthdays—that’s a wash. I am talking about the single gal. Hallmark doesn’t make a, ‘Congratulations-you-didn’t-marry-the-wrong-guy’ card.

The fact is, sometimes it’s hard to walk in a single woman’s shoes. That’s why we need really special ones now and then, to make the walk a little more fun.”

Carrie makes a good point, we (single women) spend so much money in gifts for people who get married and have kids because it’s socially acceptable… But no one celebrates being successful, happy, and single. Society believes that a childless, single woman is an unsuccessful woman.